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These fees are correct as of January 2018. Members of Practice Plan will receive a 20% discount on the prices below (unless indicated).

Sample Fees



New Patient Examination

£55 (not subject to Plan discount)

Routine Examination

£45 (not subject to Plan discount)

Hygienist Appointment


Bleaching Upper and Lower

£299 (not subject to Plan discount)



Additional Extraction: £35

Non Registered Extraction: £85


Small: £90

Medium: £130

Large: £165

Root Fillings

Anterior: £275

Premolar: £350

Molar: £395

Removal: £135

Apicectomy: £355


Tooth Coloured: £595

Full Gold: £695

E Max: £695



Assessment (Fee not deducted off treatment)


Endodontic treatment

Incisor/Canine: £300

Premolar: £385

Molar: £450

Pre-Endodontic buildup (paracore)


Removal of posts / fractured instruments

£65 - £115

Removal of pre-existing root filling


Perforation repair with MTA


Core Build-up:

Paracore: £85

Amalgam: £85

DT Light posts and cores


Apicectomy anteriors only

From £355

Current Referral Endodontic Price Guide 2018

See below a sample selection of treatments and associated fees.  If you do not see the treatment you are interested in then please contact us for a full list of treatments and charges.

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