Dental emergency signs from our dentist

Unsure if you have a dental emergency? Is there an odd swelling in your mouth that is causing pressure?

When you join the Coppull Dental Centre, our emergency dentist in Coppull will aim to see all emergency cases within 24 hours, getting you out of discomfort and back on track with your life as soon as possible.

In this short article, we look at the most common reasons why patients contact our emergency dentist in Coppull, so you can assess if you need an emergency appointment.


A universal indicator that there is an issue with a tooth in your mouth is discomfort.

Our emergency dentist in Coppull commonly treats emergency cases where the patient describes a throbbing, burning or pulsating discomfort under a tooth, which can point to an abscess.

In other cases, the sensation may be fleeting or more sensitive to hot and cold stimuli, which often points to a cavity or crack in the enamel.

If you have any kind of oral discomfort, please contact our team for a same-day appointment.

Lost filling or crown

Fillings and crowns are great for restoring damaged teeth, but there is a downside; they rarely last forever.

And if you have lost a crown or filling, even if there is no discomfort, you will need to see our team to have it restored to prevent infection and discomfort. If you suspect that you have a restorative that is loose, which is usually indicated by sensitivity in the tooth, then you should always seek an emergency appointment with our team before the discomfort worsens.


Swelling to the face, in the mouth, or around the jawline is a sign that there is an underlying problem, even if there is no discomfort.

Swelling can point to anything from a dental infection to an impacted tooth, both of which will require urgent attention from our team to prevent discomfort, further swelling and in the case of abscesses, sepsis.

Cracks, chips or breaks

More common among children, manual workers or those who engage in contact sports, a broken, cracked or chipped tooth is nothing to ignore.

Indeed, delaying fixing a broken tooth can cause bacteria to gain access to the hidden parts of the tooth, where it can cause decay to set in or can even cause more serious issues such as a dental abscess.

Depending on the severity of the damage, we may be able to save the tooth with a filling or crown; only in cases where the tooth is extremely damaged would we consider extraction.


Oral bleeds can have many causes; commonly, they occur after a patient has had a tooth extracted or been in some kind of accident. If this is the case, our team will aim to stitch or glue the gum back together, to stem the bleed and promote healing.

But, on certain occasions, it can signify something more significant, such as oral cancer. If your bleed is caused by ulcers that are recurring or larger than a 5 pence piece, then you need to call our team for an emergency appointment. If your bleeding is accompanied by sore, red gums, then it is likely that the underlying culprit is gum disease, and you will need to see our team to resolve this before it worsens.

Dentist in Coppull since 1990

Coppull Dental Centre has been providing dental treatment to the local community for over three decades. In the past ten years we have also developed into a referral clinic accepting dental patients from other surgeries. We also provide emergency dental treatment and keep a number of slots free at lunch time, all you need to do is phone us or drop in.


Your dental care is our priority

Having been a dentist in Coppull for many decades we have come to know and understand the community and have promoted preventive dentistry as the first line of dental defence. We will take the time to explain to you about the importance of the correct routine brushing and flossing methods. Our dental care plan includes regular six-monthly visits to our surgery so that we can identify any problems that may be quietly developing unnoticed. Our experienced, hospitable team all work to achieve the same goals of making your visit comfortable and stress free. Our dental centre is designed with you in mind. Our modern reception, waiting area and treatment rooms are all tastefully decorated and air conditioned to achieve a relaxing atmosphere. 

Latest equipment to ensure best treatment

As a modern forward thinking dentist in Coppull we have embraced the latest technological advancements in equipment and techniques. We regularly attend training to ensure that our skills are always in step with the latest developments. Our equipment includes digital X-ray imaging, digital intraoral cameras, wands and an endodontic microscope to name but a few. This equipment allows us to conduct comprehensive dental assessments and to view the inside of your mouth clearly. We can also display what we can see to you on a screen. We can enlarge the image to give us a better view and this allows you to have a more informed discussion when it comes to conditions and treatment.

Dental treatments

Our range of practical procedures include surgical extractions and root canal treatments, as well as tooth coloured fillings. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp in your tooth becomes infected. We usually carry out this procedure under local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and gum, this treatment is normally carried out over at least two visits. The crown of the tooth is removed to expose the pulp and the infected tissue will be removed. We will then enlarge the root canal to facilitate filling. Once filled the top is sealed with a temporary filling to allow the tooth to heal. At your next visit this is removed and a permanent filling is used to provide the final seal. Crowns, dentures and bridges are also part of our regular treatments. Coppull Dental Centre will also carry out cosmetic assessments and do professional teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. If you grind your teeth causing headaches and aching jaw we can design a bite guard for you. For those who play contact sports we can create a gum shield to protect your teeth.

Additional treatments

Your local dentist in Coppull is here to provide you with dental care that meets your needs and if we have not listed a particular treatment, feel free to ask us if we can provide it. We will always try to meet your needs wherever possible.

Smile makeovers with our dentist in Coppull

From time to time, we all dream about having a makeover, and smile makeovers have become highly popular in dental practices across the country. Here at Coppull Dental Centre, our dentist in Coppull is ready to create a tailored smile makeover for you. If you are thinking about addressing the aesthetic issues of your teeth or you have been uncomfortable about the look of your smile, then it is time to change this now.


Being happy with your smile will not only make you feel more confident and smile more often but also affect your mental health and your overall well-being positively. Suppose you are uncomfortable about the look of your smile, you will be more likely to refrain from smiling in public and may find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh out loud. Not only can this affect the way you feel in your personal life, but it can also affect you in the professional environment. By addressing the aesthetic appearance of your smile, you can bring positivity to all aspects of your life.

Teeth straightening

Speak to our dentist in Coppull today to book an appointment for a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to find out which aspects of your dental health need addressing for a beautiful and healthier smile. The majority of the adult population in the UK exhibit a certain extent of misalignment of their teeth, and this is usually the first place to begin to help transform your smile and improve your oral health.

There are so many different methods available for straightening teeth, and this has now become more convenient than ever before. Traditionally, teeth are straightened using orthodontic dental braces as commonly seen in teenagers. Adults are often reluctant to have metal braces fixed to the surface of the teeth due to the high visibility of this form of treatment. Therefore, there has been much research and development into invisible orthodontics, which can straighten teeth but are significantly more discreet. Depending on the extent of misalignment that you have, our dentist in Coppull can advise on which form of treatment is most suitable for you.

Teeth whitening

After straightening your teeth, you may wish to enhance the look of your smile further. Here at Coppull Dental Centre, you can find out more about teeth whitening procedures with our dentist. We can offer home whitening kits that gradually improve the appearance of your teeth, or you may wish to speak to our dentist and find out about teeth whitening procedures at the clinic, which are more intense and produce instant results.

If you feel that your teeth require further improvements, then you can speak to our dentist and find out about dental veneers for the ultimate smile makeover, which can address all types of imperfections on the surface of your teeth. Speak to our dentist today to find out more about smile makeovers and how you can improve the aesthetics of your teeth and promote better oral health at the same time.

Curious to learn more about root canals? 5 FAQs answered by our dentist in Coppull

Are you recovering from a dental infection?


If so, it has probably been recommended that you undergo a root canal.

Known as endodontics, this procedure has over 100 years of history in dentistry and during that time, it has saved innumerable smiles in more ways than one! Aimed at restoration and aesthetics, it really is a better option for fixing a previously infected tooth than extraction.

When you come to Coppull Dental Centre to undertake a root canal procedure, our dentist in Coppull will always aim to make the procedure as straightforward as possible, while answering any questions you may have in a jargon-free manner.

So, what are some of the burning questions that our former patients have asked our dentist in Coppull about root canals?

Is a root canal painful?

Technically, no.

We will always aim to numb the area before we begin the procedure and so, you won’t feel anything. But, as most patients have the root canal performed following an infection or severe damage to the tooth, it is easy to understand why the process is linked to dental discomfort!

What does it involve?

A root canal involves drilling down to the root(s) of the infected tooth and gently removing the infected debris.

Depending on how many roots need treating, the procedure may be split over 2 sessions. Once we have removed all of the infected material, we will then restore the strength to the tooth by packing it and concealing the entrance site with either a filling or a crown.

If completed correctly (which it always will be by our team), you can expect the procedure to last the rest of your life without a recurring infection or any discomfort.

Is there a recovery time?

Following a root canal, your tooth and/or gum may feel sore for a few days; this is normal.

And while we would not call this a ‘recovery time,’ you may want to eat softer foods for a while, to ensure that you don’t cause any discomfort to your newly treated tooth. Also, if you are still taking antibiotics after your oral infection, we would advise you to follow the precautions as listed on the medicine insert.

Are there other options?

In dental care, there are only two treatments for an infected tooth; the first is a root canal and the second is an extraction.

As our dentist in Coppull aims to restore as many teeth as they can, we will always aim to perform a root canal wherever possible. But, if your tooth is badly decayed or is extensively damaged, an extraction may be our only option.

Does it kill the tooth?

No, a root canal procedure does not kill the tooth; it won’t turn black or fall out, so don’t worry!

The treatment aims to restore the tooth and so, once it is completed and all associated sensitivity is resolved, you can use it as you would your other teeth, without any discomfort or concerns about a recurring abscess. Good news for any patient concerned.

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