Looking your best with fillings at our dentist in Coppull

Fillings are the best solution to cavities and at our dentist in Coppull, we make the most of every restoration. As even the humble filling can improve aesthetics to meet the goals of our patients.

When do you need filling?

Cavities are tricky things. If tooth discomfort and sudden tooth sensitivity is located to one tooth then, you almost certainly need a filling. Cavities form over time from lactic acid producing bacteria, which burrows into the tooth. As it digs deeper, the enamel layers are breached and the softer spongy dentine is rapidly degraded. But there is still unlikely to be any symptoms, until the decay exposes the root, resulting in sudden onset of sensitivity. 

White fillings vs NHS amalgam fillings

The in house white filling that we perform at our dentist in Coppull is a composite filling made of a mixture of polymers and silica crystals, mixing the hardness with a realistic tooth shade. All of this is tightly held in place using UV cured resin, allowing the filling to be carried out in a single session.

Amalgam fillings can be a practical option for further back in the mouth. They are harder wearing composites and with good care, can last just as long as composite options. They are cheaper because of the way NHS funding is allocated but ever since composite fillings became more hard-wearing, and UV curing became widespread, the price between white fillings and  amalgam options have shrunk.

Getting the most from fillings

Fillings will require replacement eventually and getting the most from them requires good oral hygiene, something that may have been limited resulting in the initial cavity. So it is important to consider an appointment with a hygienist and to look into preventative measures in the future.  The use of high fluoride toothpaste and regular flossing is often all that is required to keep your filling in place and looking its best.

Maximising your appearance

For filling in the front teeth, we would choose fillings, so the impact to your appearance and confidence can be easily minimised. But if you are in a competitive industry and rely on communication in any way, there can be significant impacts on your life with an amalgam option near the front. Your dental care should meet your aesthetic goals.

Dental cost and financing

Don’t let your financial limitations control your dental choices. We understand at our dentist in Coppull that dental costs can quickly add up. Our in clinic dental plan allows you to break up your medical bills into small monthly manageable instalments. We also offer a total care plan to all registered patients, allowing them to cover a wide variety of dental needs from simple restorations like fillings to more advanced work like bridges and crowns. If you have any further questions or are interested in joining our practice, we are currently accepting new patients and would be happy to hear from you. You can get in contact over the phone or via the contact form on the website.