Continuing to care for your oral health despite the pandemic

As restrictions ease and then return, it is all too easy to get caught up with other aspects of the new daily life and remembering to check whether your dentist in Coppull is open for check-ups, can fall into the pile of things to do later. The six-month check-up which may have been pushed back due to closures may well be available and instead of waiting until next year, you can jump back on board to help protect your smile.

It may be that the delayed appointment had little effect on your oral health and if that is the case, what is the point of the check-ups?

Well whilst on this occasion you may have been lucky, on another occasion this may not be the case. At Coppull Dental Centre we prefer to work using methods to prevent dental issues rather than battling to cure things that are already in motion. Preventing the extensive treatments and procedures by providing excellent routine appointments is always the aim.

Reducing and eliminating the following

Tooth decay is far more common than people would think and as our lives get busier it may be that our daily dental cleans become less and less effective. A quick brush once or twice a day whilst you text your friend and get dressed isn’t exactly efficient and therefore the plaque can build, abscesses can form and overall your lack of attention to your oral hygiene can lead to significant discomfort.

On top of the already unhealthy-looking smile, when you clean a nice run of red blood joins in the mix. If your finger started bleeding you would look for the cause and avoid doing it again, yet with teeth people sometimes choose to ignore. Checking in with your dentist in Coppull can help return the focus back on your oral hygiene and with their advice and guidance prevent further damage. Bleeding gums, tooth decay and the bad breath which often joins these two is far from appealing and whilst the social distancing and masks may reduce the risk of others knowing about it, in time you may need more in-depth treatments and procedures to combat the lack of care in the past.

Although the above can be problematic enough, on top of all these problems which have developed over time is the possibility of oral cancer. Now missing the odd appointment does not mean that cancer is imminent but missing your check-up can make all the difference from tackling the issue early as opposed to battling your health once it has dug its claws in.

All these oral health problems, though not meant to scare you, are all entirely possible which is why our dentist in Coppull always emphasises the importance of your check-up appointments. The pandemic has certainly put a hiccup in the works and you may have fallen off of the healthy mouth waggon for a short time, but with restrictions gradually easing it is time to call us at Coppull Dental Centre to re-start your journey to a healthier smile!