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A guide to veneers from our dentist in Coppull

If your teeth have imperfections, and you have been wanting to cover them, then veneers could be the right treatment for you. This cosmetic treatment can hide nearly every imperfection such as small cracks, chips and discolouration.

When you come into our practice for veneers, you can rest assured knowing that our dentist in Coppull is very knowledgeable and experienced in giving this treatment, and will deliver you the best results possible for your needs.

What veneers are

Before we get into the process of how we provide veneers, you will want to know what they actually are. A veneer is a piece of porcelain that is a similar shape to a fingernail, and it is attached to the front of your teeth. Your veneers will be custom-made specifically for you, taking into account your face shape, jaw shape and what your other teeth look like. You can either decide to cover one tooth, or get a whole set of veneers, depending on how many teeth you want to cover up.

How does it work?

If you book an appointment with us for veneers, we will first have a consultation session. This step is very important as it allows us to examine your teeth to determine whether you are eligible for the treatment, and we can discuss your needs with you. If veneers are the right treatment for you, we may take scans, photos and videos of your teeth so that your customised veneers can be created.

Once your veneers are ready, we will invite you back to the practice so that we can attach them to your teeth. We will most likely remove a very thin layer of the enamel on your tooth to start with to make way for the veneers, but don’t worry, as it will be barely noticeable. To attach the veneers, our dentist in Coppull often uses a dental cement to attach them to your teeth, and then shines a very strong light on it to harden the cement. This creates a very strong bond between your tooth and the veneer, meaning that they can stay in place for around 20 years with a regular oral hygiene routine.

We recommend that you come back into our practice for a follow up appointment with our dentist in Coppull 2-3 weeks after we attach the veneers, so that we can check up on your progress and make sure you are still happy with your veneers.

Why veneers?

Easy maintenance

Once your veneers are attached and you’re thriving with your improved smile, the maintenance of them is very simple. All you need to do is brush your teeth twice a day as you normally would, as well as floss regularly. There is no change in your oral hygiene routine when you have veneers, meaning you can get on with your life, enjoy your new teeth and not have to worry about vigorous cleaning routines.

Natural look

The main reason that our patients get veneers is to improve the look of their smile, and it is a perfect treatment for doing just that. The porcelain material used to create your veneers can be easily shaped and coloured to look as natural as possible, which can be such a great feeling when you have been struggling with imperfections.

Why regular dental visits to the dentist in Coppull are so important

When asked how often they have oral health checks, most patients will admit to seeing our dentist in Coppull a few times only when they are in pain. Only a few patients opt for routine dental visits to make sure all is well with their oral health. Because they see our dentist in Coppull regularly, these patients are less likely to experience major oral health problems. One of the reasons for this is that, during these routine appointments, our dental practitioner can completely examine the patient’s mouth, looking out for signs of problems with teeth or gum health. The main purpose behind these physical oral examinations is that, should a problem be identified, we can take immediate action and prescribe a suitable preventive measure to curb the advancement of the dental problem.


At Coppull Dental Centre, we believe that preventive dentistry measures performed by our dentist in Coppull are geared to not only saving the patient’s oral health and function but also time and money in the long run by preventing the major disease from developing. Dentists do so much more than just provide relief from dental pain or treat problems; more importantly, they can prevent the problems from occurring in the first place.

Here’s why you should make dental checkups a priority

Get a reliable assessment of your dental health

The ONLY way to know for sure that there are no issues with your oral health is to have your mouth thoroughly assessed by a trained and experienced dentist. Our dental practitioner may want to have x-rays taken for an in-depth look at the dental situation beneath the surface.

Get a professional deep cleaning procedure

One of the most successful ways to keep cavities at bay is to opt for regular professional dental cleanings. As effective as at-tome tooth brushing is, there is no equivalent to professional dental cleanings to successfully get rid of plaque and tartar accumulation.

Get educated

Part of a superior dental experience is to be educated about poor oral health conditions. You know you are on to a really good dental professional when they take the time to educate you on the problem to be treated as well as how to take better care of your oral health. Such a dental practitioner recognises the patient’s critical role in securing their own oral health.

Get a professional smile evaluation

A patient who is not happy with the look of their smile can make the most out of a dental checkup by getting a consultation on whether they can benefit from cosmetic dental procedures. Our experienced dentist can assess their smile and make suitable recommendations about areas that can be improved upon. Neglecting your oral health can have dire consequences for your overall health and the quality of life you live. Dental care can mitigate such consequences so that you can eat, speak, smile, spend quality time with loved ones, function at work – practically do everything you enjoy doing. Is it not time to take better care of your oral health? Get in touch with us at Coppull Dental Centre and our efficient front desk team will be happy to book you in for an appointment.

Dentist in Coppull since 1990

Coppull Dental Centre has been providing dental treatment to the local community for over three decades. In the past ten years we have also developed into a referral clinic accepting dental patients from other surgeries. We also provide emergency dental treatment and keep a number of slots free at lunch time, all you need to do is phone us or drop in.


Your dental care is our priority

Having been a dentist in Coppull for many decades we have come to know and understand the community and have promoted preventive dentistry as the first line of dental defence. We will take the time to explain to you about the importance of the correct routine brushing and flossing methods. Our dental care plan includes regular six-monthly visits to our surgery so that we can identify any problems that may be quietly developing unnoticed. Our experienced, hospitable team all work to achieve the same goals of making your visit comfortable and stress free. Our dental centre is designed with you in mind. Our modern reception, waiting area and treatment rooms are all tastefully decorated and air conditioned to achieve a relaxing atmosphere. 

Latest equipment to ensure best treatment

As a modern forward thinking dentist in Coppull we have embraced the latest technological advancements in equipment and techniques. We regularly attend training to ensure that our skills are always in step with the latest developments. Our equipment includes digital X-ray imaging, digital intraoral cameras, wands and an endodontic microscope to name but a few. This equipment allows us to conduct comprehensive dental assessments and to view the inside of your mouth clearly. We can also display what we can see to you on a screen. We can enlarge the image to give us a better view and this allows you to have a more informed discussion when it comes to conditions and treatment.

Dental treatments

Our range of practical procedures include surgical extractions and root canal treatments, as well as tooth coloured fillings. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp in your tooth becomes infected. We usually carry out this procedure under local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and gum, this treatment is normally carried out over at least two visits. The crown of the tooth is removed to expose the pulp and the infected tissue will be removed. We will then enlarge the root canal to facilitate filling. Once filled the top is sealed with a temporary filling to allow the tooth to heal. At your next visit this is removed and a permanent filling is used to provide the final seal. Crowns, dentures and bridges are also part of our regular treatments. Coppull Dental Centre will also carry out cosmetic assessments and do professional teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. If you grind your teeth causing headaches and aching jaw we can design a bite guard for you. For those who play contact sports we can create a gum shield to protect your teeth.

Additional treatments

Your local dentist in Coppull is here to provide you with dental care that meets your needs and if we have not listed a particular treatment, feel free to ask us if we can provide it. We will always try to meet your needs wherever possible.

Curious to learn more about root canals? 5 FAQs answered by our dentist in Coppull

Are you recovering from a dental infection?


If so, it has probably been recommended that you undergo a root canal.

Known as endodontics, this procedure has over 100 years of history in dentistry and during that time, it has saved innumerable smiles in more ways than one! Aimed at restoration and aesthetics, it really is a better option for fixing a previously infected tooth than extraction.

When you come to Coppull Dental Centre to undertake a root canal procedure, our dentist in Coppull will always aim to make the procedure as straightforward as possible, while answering any questions you may have in a jargon-free manner.

So, what are some of the burning questions that our former patients have asked our dentist in Coppull about root canals?

Is a root canal painful?

Technically, no.

We will always aim to numb the area before we begin the procedure and so, you won’t feel anything. But, as most patients have the root canal performed following an infection or severe damage to the tooth, it is easy to understand why the process is linked to dental discomfort!

What does it involve?

A root canal involves drilling down to the root(s) of the infected tooth and gently removing the infected debris.

Depending on how many roots need treating, the procedure may be split over 2 sessions. Once we have removed all of the infected material, we will then restore the strength to the tooth by packing it and concealing the entrance site with either a filling or a crown.

If completed correctly (which it always will be by our team), you can expect the procedure to last the rest of your life without a recurring infection or any discomfort.

Is there a recovery time?

Following a root canal, your tooth and/or gum may feel sore for a few days; this is normal.

And while we would not call this a ‘recovery time,’ you may want to eat softer foods for a while, to ensure that you don’t cause any discomfort to your newly treated tooth. Also, if you are still taking antibiotics after your oral infection, we would advise you to follow the precautions as listed on the medicine insert.

Are there other options?

In dental care, there are only two treatments for an infected tooth; the first is a root canal and the second is an extraction.

As our dentist in Coppull aims to restore as many teeth as they can, we will always aim to perform a root canal wherever possible. But, if your tooth is badly decayed or is extensively damaged, an extraction may be our only option.

Does it kill the tooth?

No, a root canal procedure does not kill the tooth; it won’t turn black or fall out, so don’t worry!

The treatment aims to restore the tooth and so, once it is completed and all associated sensitivity is resolved, you can use it as you would your other teeth, without any discomfort or concerns about a recurring abscess. Good news for any patient concerned.